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Morbius is the Best Movie Ever Created

Here's why

Epic Poster

I made an epic poster explanation to show the care and effort put into the creation of the promotional material for this amazing film.

Milo Dancing Epicly (Incredibly Deep and Important Point in the Story of Morbius)

As you can see here in this short clip from Morbius (2022), Milo Morbius is dancing athetically. He contiues to dance to the smash hit song, Have Sex by I Actually Don't Know What This Song Is Called. He eventually shows off his vampire transformation which is potrayed beautifully by CGI. (Computer Generated Graphics). Throughout the whole endevor, he throws on all his professional clothing. Including a buisness suit. He looks at himself in the mirror before yet again showing his vampire transformation off to himself. This scene is a fun break to the intelligent diolouge spoken by the many nuanced, deep, developing characters. While still providing context to how he got dressed, how he is preparing for the events ahead, and what he will do next.

The Only bad Thing About Morbius... :(((

The swiggly text at the end of the movie makes me get up! I wanna just watch MORBIUS! Not weird swiggly lines word thingies! It makes watching Morbius on repeat slightly worse. But I at least understand why they put the text here. It's to show the brains of people before being blessed with the godsend of a movie called Morbius. So maybe these lines aren't so bad after all? You just need to interpret it correctly. Sorry for me complaining about Morbius, I just didn't understand the purpose of the lines at the end of the movie.

PROOF That Morbius is the Best Movie of all Time

Rotten Tomatoes


Funny Memes

I made some funny memes, one of which shows the devastating effects society would have if Morbius didn't come out. Morbius is an absolute godsend to society.